Mikea is a Multidisciplinary Designer, who specializes in all graphics, drawing and recently product design. She has been known for her work in brand development, iconic poster designs and portraiture. Mikea's work has been featured in USA Today, Vanity Fair, LA Times, Baltimore Times, Washington Informer, and Afro Times. She runs her own design company called Cre8t1v3, which was started due to her firm belief in the visual language of creativity. Mikea has worked on projects with Ford Motor Company, Johns Hopkins, Isom Global, The Hannon Group, and Google. Mikea also works on projects for Valencia D. Clay, D.Watkins, Kondwani Fidel, Soduh, and Lorenzo Simpson. Mikea has also been a recipient of numerous scholarships, grants and awards including the AIGA World Studio Scholarship.
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