As a digital artist, Dominiqua pushes herself to create and design pieces that are balanced, clean, cohesive, colorful, and detailed. Her work depicts black women and men who have redefined the identity of black culture through music, sports, leadership, fashion, and beauty.

Her work has been featured in “RAW Washington DC presents OVATION” at Howard Theatre, “Art All Night” and “Coloring Outside the Lines” at Congress Heights Arts and Culture Center, and “Meridian” at Towson Arts Collection. In 2015, she received the The Franklin Alice Cooley Award for Digital Art + Design during her senior year at Towson University.

She is currently working on a collection, titled: Ethno Beauty. This collection focuses on beauty outside of Westerners' beliefs and influences. Each image depicts a traditional beauty practice - lip stretching/plating, scarification, neck stretching, and hair styling techniques - with a soft and feminine touch.

With just 3 years under her belt, Dominiqua continues to push forward in her art career, proving to the world that digital art is art!
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