Denise is a feminist entrepreneur living in Baltimore whose work focuses on centering the wellbeing and creativity of Black women and communities who hold marginalized identities. Holding a Masters in Social Design from the Maryland Institute College of Art, she has dedicated her holistic practice to actualizing recovery and transformation through design. With her program, Design for the Wellbeing of Black Women, Denise cultivates spaces to build self-recovery and inspire transformation through hands-on healing experiences, community building and design education. Her praxis is rooted in a commitment to emergent strategy, rituals, nature, and healing justice.

N’Deye Diakhate is a multidisciplinary designer who loves working with fellow artists and organizations on ways we can move towards our collective liberation. They’ve been elbow-deep in InDesign commands since 2006, and use typography, pattern making, and publications to discuss narratives surrounding black identity, queerness, and mental health. N’Deye is a non-profit general manager, a facilitator, and can be found laughing too loudly throughout Baltimore.

All five posters come as a collection to reflect the cohort experience.
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